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Canon EOS camera error codes and messages

original here:   And here is a copy from the official Canon site, case you don’t find the original.   Camera settings: EOS Error codes and messages When using your EOS camera you may occasionally get an error code … Continue reading

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Canon battery grip – how to take off

My customer had a Canon camera – and the (original Canon)  battery grip was no more possible to be taken off. This type of grips have a big actuator wheel for the fixing screw – which unfortunately is made of … Continue reading

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How to measure CMOS position with a dial gauge

Case You want to replace the shutter in a newer Canon camera, you will have to take out at first the sensor. And the sensor is positioned regarding the flange NOT with the help of some adjustment washers, but with … Continue reading

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Canon 5d MkII – error code 20 : shutter…

… or not the shutter?!? One of my customers has a 5d MkII. Time to time the camera stopped working with error code 30 after shooting. This is a general error code: “ Err 30Description: A malfunction with the shutter … Continue reading

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Canon 7d – ERR20 – again and again

This 7d has been repaired a few months ago with an ERR20 error code after each shooting. ERR20 could mean many different problems, here is he internal ode: Interesting is, that, the internal error 215 is Mirror position problem, as … Continue reading

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7d flash overexposure – RTFM, RTFM, and again: RTFM

I repaired a 7d for somebody (a faulty rotary switch, and a general internal cleaning, with glueing the flying screw, which was of course on the side of the shutter motor), and after assembling it I checked the general functions … Continue reading

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Melted canon 6d – or any DSLR exposed to sun

A customer has sent me an email with a strange problem: he has seen something blurred in the viewfinder of a 6d, after which he turned off the lens, and a burned smell came out. He has 2 similar 6d … Continue reading

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Canon 7d – ERR20

After exposure, ERR20 – shooting is not possible message. This means some mechanical failure. Official Canon advice: “Err 20 Description: A malfunction with the mechanical mechanism has been detected. Resolution: Turn the power off, then remove and re-install the battery. … Continue reading

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Canon 40d motor revival in the body of a 7d

This is a story about my own 7d, which has been flooded with water, before I have purchased it “as it is”, practically not working. I repaired it in a few hours -worked well after.After a certain time stopped working, … Continue reading

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5d with damaged shutter…. or MIRROR!

I have got an old 5d from a customer with the definite wish to change the shutter. As the body had more than 380000 exposures, I have replaced the shutter on a brand new one. After assembly, the mirror blocked … Continue reading

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