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24-105 F4 IS – damaged stabilizer

A few weeks ago I repaired a used 24-105 for myself. I have purchased it in a box in thousand pieces for a bargain price. Everything was ok – excepting a strange noice from the stabilizer when switching on and … Continue reading

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Dust blow gun – compressed air

I know, that there is possible to work with a hand-pump too – but trust me, the difference is HUGE. If You work with 2-3 bar, or special cases 5-6 bars, any solid contamination will be eliminated. At first, You … Continue reading

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The PH00 screwdriver – the MOST impotant tool for us

Theoretically Canon uses a JIS standard screwdriver. I had bought one for a LOT of money, and… it was worst, that the PH00 screwdrivers. So – nevermore. But which PH00 screwdriver, if you need one?   I can advice you … Continue reading

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Polishing a damaged lens – cerium-oxide

Normally I repair only Canon DSLR-s – but sometimes I cant resist to other optical devices either. I had to clean a DLP (!)  video-projector for my sons school – it was terrible, a half kg of dust in a … Continue reading

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F-words repairing Canon lens

F like F…. FLEX. The f.cking flex. I had to repair a 17-55 with aperture problems. The lens started to close the aperture more and more at certain zoom values. Simple case, isn’t it? You have to change the flex. … Continue reading

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Glued screws – when the serviceman get’s angry

I have got a Sigma 300 mm F2,8 lens from a customer, which has some dirt in the inside. A lens element was dirty or some fungus on the surface. (As a supplementary information I was told, that on the … Continue reading

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7d flash overexposure – RTFM, RTFM, and again: RTFM

I repaired a 7d for somebody (a faulty rotary switch, and a general internal cleaning, with glueing the flying screw, which was of course on the side of the shutter motor), and after assembling it I checked the general functions … Continue reading

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