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How to measure CMOS position with a dial gauge

Case You want to replace the shutter in a newer Canon camera, you will have to take out at first the sensor. And the sensor is positioned regarding to the flange NOT with the help of some adjustment washers, but … Continue reading

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Optical alignment

Cementing a Doublet: Opto-Alignment Technology, Inc.   SmartAlign for lens alignment and assembly processes   Canon EF Lens Plant – Lens Assembly Process   Lens Handler Operations

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The mystery of NO FOCAL LENGTH on flash

The customer has got a used Tamron 17-50 F2,8 lens, and realized that using with a Canon strobe, there is no change on the strobes display, it shows always 17mm focal length. I was sure that there has to be … Continue reading

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Canon 5d MkII – error code 20 : shutter…

… or not the shutter?!? One of my customers has a 5d MkII. Time to time the camera stopped working with error code 30 after shooting. This is a general error code: “ Err 30Description: A malfunction with the shutter … Continue reading

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Solvent for the cemented lens (not with canada balsam)

Case You want to dismantle a glued (cemented) lens, try to use this: 70% dichlor-methane 20% methanol and 10% ammonia solution (I think 40%). Be carefull, dont swallow them, they all are dangerous.. After ca 1-2 days of soaking, you … Continue reading

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Canon 40dcmos – with no Bayer-filter!

After long trials yesterday I managed to eliminate the complete Bayer-mask from a Canon 40d sensor. No scratches, no damage – just a beautiful golden mirror. Not very simple – and definitely NOT only by scratching it with a piece … Continue reading

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Canon 7d – ERR20 – again and again

This 7d has been repaired a few months ago with an ERR20 error code after each shooting. ERR20 could mean many different problems, here is he internal ode: Interesting is, that, the internal error 215 is Mirror position problem, as … Continue reading

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