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Ruzsa János. Amatőr fotós, Canon DSLR váz. Amateur photographer. Canon DSLR user.

Optical alignment

Cementing a Doublet: Opto-Alignment Technology, Inc.   SmartAlign for lens alignment and assembly processes   Canon EF Lens Plant – Lens Assembly Process   Lens Handler Operations Advertisements

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The mystery of NO FOCAL LENGTH on flash

The customer has got a used Tamron 17-50 F2,8 lens, and realized that using with a Canon strobe, there is no change on the strobes display, it shows always 17mm focal length. I was sure that there has to be … Continue reading

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Canon 5d MkII – error code 20 : shutter…

… or not the shutter?!? One of my customers has a 5d MkII. Time to time the camera stopped working with error code 30 after shooting. This is a general error code: “ Err 30Description: A malfunction with the shutter … Continue reading

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Solvent for the cemented lens (not with canada balsam)

Case You want to dismantle a glued (cemented) lens, try to use this: 70% dichlor-methane 20% methanol and 10% ammonia solution (I think 40%). Be carefull, dont swallow them, they all are dangerous.. After ca 1-2 days of soaking, you … Continue reading

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Canon 40dcmos – with no Bayer-filter!

After long trials yesterday I managed to eliminate the complete Bayer-mask from a Canon 40d sensor. No scratches, no damage – just a beautiful golden mirror. Not very simple – and definitely NOT only by scratching it with a piece … Continue reading

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Canon 7d – ERR20 – again and again

This 7d has been repaired a few months ago with an ERR20 error code after each shooting. ERR20 could mean many different problems, here is he internal ode: Interesting is, that, the internal error 215 is Mirror position problem, as … Continue reading

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AF problem? Adjust the zoom-brush!

A lot of used (and repaired) zoom lenses have autofocus problems, front focus or back focus. Case the lens has been disassembled before, the problem can be caused by the non-adjusted zoom-brush. What does the zoom-brush have to do with … Continue reading

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