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WordPress – help! – szóval elkelne egy kis segítség…

I need some help for this blog-engine. – How is it possible to re-organize the existing material, for example, if I would like to transfer a comment to another page? – As the owner of this blog, is it possible to … Continue reading

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Canon EOS 400d – 4 loose screws

The 400d body was giving err99 after each shot. The shutter curtain was opening, but closes immediately. It should be the shutter, so I disassembled it.

And I have found 1 of the 4 screws, which hold the main PCB hanged on a piece of isolation tape… Continue reading

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Canon EOS 30d – ERR99 – shutter problem

Thae 30d made after a few exposures err99. After off/on, shooting was possible again. At the beginning this appeared rarely, the more and more often. I decided to change the shutter, so I ordered it. After disassembling I’ve found the following in the body: … Continue reading

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Canon EOS 40d broken main mirror repair

As it could be an interesting topic not only for hungarians, I will try to write it in english. The 40d bodies, as I know, have two main problems: shutter fails (this could happen even after 5000 activations…), or the … Continue reading

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