If You want to repair a camera or a lens, it’s important to find a reliable sparepart distributor. In this section You will find only webshops with which I had positive experience. (Of course I can’t assume any responsability for them – but I’m shure they want to build up long time business).

For my customers normally I don’t purchase the spareparts, it’s better for them to order directly, as i don’t make import activity.

Under the webshops You will find some links to spareparts which are mostly needed.

procamerarepair  Very good communication, professional supplier. Paying through PayPal possible. Quick delivery from the USA.

40d shutter unit
10d, 20d, 30d, 40d, 50d exposure switch
40d, 50d bottom DC-unit flash unit PCB




5 Responses to Spareparts

  1. Vishal says:

    For Canon 70D Mother Board power off status….

    Will changing the M04 Power IC will solve the problem ?

  2. Frank says:

    Here’s a useful cross reference database of camera parts – it comes in handy finding spares for parts no longer available

  3. rotronica says:

    Hi Ruzsa János,

    I will add a camerapart supplier from the U.S.
    It is DHcameras supplier from the most common parts and
    other camera brands.
    best regards,
    Rob Taihutu
    Rotronica camera repairs

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