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Repairing 50mm F1.4

this lens is a little bit too sensitive – after a certain time the inner barral will have an increased backlash – which will cause a less accurate focusing. the solution: You have to change the cam followers. Here are … Continue reading

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In lens focus microadjustment

In lens focus microadjustment – is it possible? Of course it is. In fact, each lens of each type is a little bit different from the averedge lens – so the camera will react different with the autofocus. As  You … Continue reading

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About Canon lens microadjustment

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About the Canon autofocus system

I have found a very interesting discussion about the Canon focus adjustment system. here is the link, and if from any reasons it’s not working, here is the text too:

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CMOS adjustment – calculator update

If You want to use the cmos adjustment calculator, now there is an email sending function – You can get the measured an calculated values in an email. The newer cameras have a special CMOS (sensor) adjustment: sensor is … Continue reading

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Error codes in EOS DSLR

Here is the source: and here the text (right or not – I didn’t checked yet):

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Screws with destroyed head

This time I disassembled a 70-200 f2.8. better to say: I wanted to, because one of the two screws on the zoom barrel has been destroyed immediately after the first trial. The material is two soft, and the screw is … Continue reading

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Canon 7d – search for the screws!

I repaired only 5 pieces of 7d cameras. Some of them were giving no sign of life at all, others sometimes worked normal, sometimes not. But there was one common point in all of this cases: there was a free … Continue reading

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