5d with damaged shutter…. or MIRROR!


I have got an old 5d from a customer with the definite wish to change the shutter. As the body had more than 380000 exposures, I have replaced the shutter on a brand new one.

After assembly, the mirror blocked during exposure. I asked the customer about the symptoms from the past – as a blocked mirror has to produce some half dark photos. He told me, that this is true – and on another  service advised him to replace the shutter. Fine.

I have seen a deformation on the mirrors frame, so I disassembled the whole body again. And the mirrors frame was broken!

WP_20161113_23_40_50_Pro  WP_20161113_23_40_28_Pro

As the mirror itself is not available, I decided to glue it. I use the Loctite 3090 two component cyanacrilic glue. Expensive, but quick and strong.

WP_20161114_21_15_15_Pro  WP_20161114_21_15_32_Pro

Yes, the glueing is a little bit, …. too visible – but in this case the MOST important was, to make it as strong as possible. The mixed glue is tacky, hardenes quick, so this was the maximum which I was able to commit. Before glueing I cleaned it very thoroughly with some special pure white spirit.

After assembling back I have seen, that the gears were very loose. I talked to the customer again, and I replaced them on parts from a donor.

WP_20161114_21_25_55_Pro  WP_20161114_21_34_29_Pro

The black coloured grease is the material of the pinion and the axis.

So be careful: half dark photos can be caused NOT ONLY by a broken shutter.


About canonrepair

Ruzsa János. Amatőr fotós, Canon DSLR váz. Amateur photographer. Canon DSLR user.
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3 Responses to 5d with damaged shutter…. or MIRROR!

  1. Martynas Fotera says:


  2. ColT says:

    Seems that this is the sub mirror pin error’s 5D version 😀
    Can this cause the falling off mirrors?

    • canonrepair says:

      This appears not so often. mirror falling out is caused by a bad quality glue (4 small glue balls under the mirror). I think by a camera with over 380000 shutter actuations it is acceptable to get some parts with mechanical failures, brokens parts. (You know, the Gaussian curve, or bathtube curve.

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