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How to measure CMOS position with a dial gauge

Case You want to replace the shutter in a newer Canon camera, you will have to take out at first the sensor. And the sensor is positioned regarding the flange NOT with the help of some adjustment washers, but with … Continue reading

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Dust blow gun – compressed air

I know, that there is possible to work with a hand-pump too – but trust me, the difference is HUGE. If You work with 2-3 bar, or special cases 5-6 bars, any solid contamination will be eliminated. At first, You … Continue reading

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Polishing a damaged lens – cerium-oxide

Normally I repair only Canon DSLR-s – but sometimes I cant resist to other optical devices either. I had to clean a DLP (!)  video-projector for my sons school – it was terrible, a half kg of dust in a … Continue reading

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Glued screws – when the serviceman get’s angry

I have got a Sigma 300 mm F2,8 lens from a customer, which has some dirt in the inside. A lens element was dirty or some fungus on the surface. (As a supplementary information I was told, that on the … Continue reading

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DIY suction cap for lens disassembling

In fact, I didn’t wanted to make it. I just wanted to buy a tool for disassemble a very expensive lens (a Canon 85mm F1.2). Unfortunately, the tool was not available in short time. Here is the link to the … Continue reading

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