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5d with damaged shutter…. or MIRROR!

I have got an old 5d from a customer with the definite wish to change the shutter. As the body had more than 380000 exposures, I have replaced the shutter on a brand new one. After assembly, the mirror blocked … Continue reading

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Canon 5d – shutter lifespan

Today I changed a shutter in a 5d (classic). There were no problems, just the owner wanted this, for more security. 381021 exposures were in body. No comment.

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Remote service for a 40d

In fact: intercontinental service! The Canon 40d camera was in the USA, my computer in Hungary, and we made the connection through the internet, and the service software has been working perfect! It is not without ra risk, as if … Continue reading

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Blown fuse in a 5d

In most cases, when a camera is not working after turned on, there is a blown fuse on the DC board. You change it (Canon uses – as I know – oly two types of fuses, the K and the … Continue reading

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5d Mk II – cmos positioned on washer or spring?

In fact – both. Unfortunately I don’t read my articles, I only write them… When I opened a 5dMkII with shutter failure, I looked to the cmos if it is fixed on washers (like all of the old cameras), or … Continue reading

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Canon 5d – no AF

The symptom: no AF function with any lens on the body. The lens tries to find the right focus, moved from one end to the other, then stopped. Explanation: by the Canon AF system, the bodies AF sensor needs a … Continue reading

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Tévedni emberi dolog…

… mondta a sündisznó, és lemászott a hajkeféről. Korábbi bejegyzésben írtam a motortörött 5d vázról. Miután megjavítottam a szalagkábelét és működni kezdett a váz, felmerült, hogy mégiscsak meg kellene rendelni bele a korábban kinézett eredeti motort, azért a 98 USD-ért, … Continue reading

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Leesett 5d – motor fogaskeréktörés / 5d after falling down – broken motor pinion

Előzmény: a gépet leejtették. Tünet: bekapcsoláskor a gép morog 1 másodpercet, aztán leáll. Hivatalos márkaszerviz (megbontás nélküli) véleménye: zárcsere, kb 90000 HUF Szétszerelés után: Már a legelején kihullott a gépből egy egészen kis méretű, műanyag fogaskerék. Jobban szétszedve kiderült, a … Continue reading

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