Soldering irons: Weller and Fahrenheit

I need at least 2 soldering irons: a “normal size” for everyday use, and a tiny one, with the tip like a needle.

A good Weller station is a lot of money, so i decided to use a Fahrenheit 28011 station. It is a chinese, khmmm, …. thing.

They offer many sizes of tips at a reosanable price – but sometimes i need the tiny Weller tip too, which is not compatible.

Or, better to say, was not, till yet.

Here can you see the difference. I tried to cut the end of the chinese, to mount there the weller tip – unfortunately the bore at the end of the tube is bigger.

So, as the Weller tube is a little bit thicker, i put it on the chinese tube, i soldered it with brass (hard soldering), i cut the ending of an original chinese tip – and now i have an upgrade kit for weller tips.

The other ideea was to solder with brass the tip on the other cutted tip.

Works too!

Yes, it is not too esthetic. And?

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Ruzsa János. Amatőr fotós, Canon DSLR váz. Amateur photographer. Canon DSLR user.
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7 Responses to Soldering irons: Weller and Fahrenheit

  1. AA says:

    I use JBC, it is the best. Weller is crap, Hakko is not bad but not practical, Ersa is nice but not very common in the US. Buy a JBC you will not regret… I am a camera pro like you.

  2. I am using Weller PU81 more thatn 10 years. Everyday. It is still working perfect. 🙂

  3. Gyula Andó says:

    weller lives in the past, try to fix a new macbook or iphone with those tips, horible, weller is perfect for the 90`s trough hole large sized components, but they dont keep the pace with modern technology, same for metcal, there is no better solder station than the JCB, its a spanish company, they have the fastest heat recovery iron in the world for micro electronics, and all the sizes of tips, station is 400eur, tips are 20-50eur

    • Gyula Andó says:

      sorry JBC SOLDER

      • canonrepair says:

        at the moment this is only a night time job for me. i like to spend money on good equipment, but for repairing 5d, 60d, or 24-105 lenses the Fahrenheit is good too.
        But thanks for the ideea, i will check it!

  4. Tom says:

    Hi, a nice handwork 🙂 I have a weller station for about 30 years. The advance is the temperature stability when you solder something. My weller and the Ersa stay at one temp. The chinese products seems often not to be able to heat up if more is needed at the tip. You buy this more expensive stations onca in a lifetime….

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