Canon 40d motor revival in the body of a 7d

This is a story about my own 7d, which has been flooded with water, before I have purcesed it “as it is”, practically not working. I repaired it in a few hours -worked well after.
After a certain time stopped working, message was Exposure not possible, ERR20. Mirror moved up, but the curtain not. Other lots of hours of repair, disassembly-assembly. Normally I should change the shutter, but is really expensive. So i have rathr bought the SPT software for the 7d.
I have read out tge fault memory. And it was a problem regarding – the mirror motor position.!!!
Disassembled again – no sign of anything unusual.
Assembly – works. Second day in the morning – NOT working.
I resoldered MANY times a damaged cable sochet, which was not so easy, as the former corrosion has damaged the contact surfaces.
Then I realized, that toutching the motor, the camera workes. Pushing it in another direction, the fault appeared immediately. Wow. The motor here is fixed to it’s frame only through 2 flexible points – 2 screws and two rubber collars. I dieassembled a 99% similar motor from an old 40d – this has no flex joint, just two screws. No problem – I had no other solution anyway. So, i made both operations (out and in). And even after 3 days the camera is working perfect.
So, never give up!

7d h   7d-2h


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Ruzsa János. Amatőr fotós, Canon DSLR váz. Amateur photographer. Canon DSLR user.
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7 Responses to Canon 40d motor revival in the body of a 7d

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  2. canonrepair says:

    that connector, and the pads on the pcb have been corroded by the water, and very difficult to be changed (in fact, impossible because the risc of destroying the pads….

  3. Cardoso says:

    That’s why it’s better to buy NEW SPARE PARTS!! You can do this solutions to your own equipment but you want any kind of quality service new spare parts it’s the better solution. Also it saves lots of time. It seems that this was the second time you open the camera fixing faults caused by water…. Is that right?

    • canonrepair says:

      No, you didnt understood the situation. a waterdamaged camera is ALWAYS rejected by the official service, as in this case has to be changed the mainboard AND the mirrorbox. this would be economically senseless.
      I did not studied camerara repair officialy – so ALL what I know, I discovred by myself – yes, with a lot of “useless” work – like this one, for example.
      So, i am very happy now, and there are a lot of customers, who would like in some cases acceptable repair prices – even if they know the RISK of a further damage.
      in this case i had to make approx 8-10 disassemblies

      • Cardoso says:

        From what i see that connector on the photo with the matche was soldered by you. That solder service doesn’t look very good and could leave to problems in the future but since the equipment it’s yours it’s ok. Also good luck finding that costumers that are able to pay for services that could leave to premature failing. Most people are not even to pay to an attempt to fix a problema that you don’t have sure that is possible to fix. Also most people is not aware of the oficial repair center policies…. Anyway you seem to be doing a great job… Best regards

      • ColT says:

        “Most people are not even to pay to an attempt to fix a problema that you don’t have sure that is possible to fix.”
        LOL, people bring you the equipment if it is a little cheaper to repair than the official service, even if you tell them that it will be not 100% or only has a little possibility to succeed. I usually tell them that it will be take a long time, will work or not, but they usually accept. Why? The official service is inacceptably expensive in most cases, and sometimes they do worser work as this.

    • ColT says:

      I have repaired some cameras what official service could or didn’t waned to do 😀 And how many laptops, monitors… 😀
      And a totally different case, when you for for yourself, so the profit itself is the working stuff at the end (almost for free), and the knowledge (what you can user in the future).

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