Canon G12 – front lens replacement

Yes, it is a compact. It was big a mistake to accept this work. After working a lot on it, now the front lens is changed (photos will follow). The only problem is, that as I see, the lens unit didn’t survived the operation. I think, the internal flex cables have been damaged.

But I have found a well made video for disassembling on the net. Here is the link: G12 disassembling

Here another one: G10 lens disassembling


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5 Responses to Canon G12 – front lens replacement

  1. ColT says:

    As is experienced, the lens can be opened by hand, rotating the wheel on the base… OK, you must take off the driving wheels.

    This need calibration is frustrating, i have runned to this problem with an IXUS 870 before… Replaced lens worked well, but there was no infinity focus. I had to adjust the CCD position, but that was not a good way, because i could not move the CCD to inside the lens, and if i have could do it, i had to run to problems with the closer focal lenghts too :S

    I had some luck with a Fujifilm J37, which doesn’t know about the infinity focus after lens replacement, but it really can focus to infinity and take photographs. It means that when zoomed in, and focusing to a subject far away, it says that the focus isn’t good, but it is 😀

  2. Gyula says:

    i fixed many of those G series lenses, the first thing u have to check if the lens can be zoomed out fully, so the lens is fully extended, if that is not possible either by connecting around 3V voltage on the DC motor (reversed voltage will close the lens) which operates the zoom or disconnecting the gears from the motor and manually turning the lens into the fully extended state than the lens is not possible to disassemble without braking 2 of the internal sleeve cables (aperture control + IS).
    The reason is that when the lens is fully extended (so it is in the tele position, 30.5mm or 140mm equivalent) the slots where the cables go trough will align the same position and you can remove the cables easily, if they did not align the hardened end of the cable will stuck, you can try to force than will it break.

    The other thing is the sleeve cable outside the lens, under the CCD, going to the DC motor. This cable is intentionally bent in 180 degrees in all G lenses so they can assure the cable will be broken. It has 4 (wide) + 3 (thin) tracks, possible to repair, you can scratch the insulation on the cable tracks and solder 1mm enameled wire between the two broken sides. Advised to shift the wire cables position to each other so when you solder them you wont touch the cables soldered in already.

    If the cables inside are broken they are not fixable only replaceable, you can fix them but when you zoom in and out the cable will move inside and will be broken again in few minutes.

    You can buy a “new” lens on ebay stating from 50usd to 100usd but they are not new but used and the front glass will be scratched, maybe for 80-90usd it is acceptable condition, or buy the cheaper one and try to replace the front lens 🙂
    The new lens will be a little bit different (manufacturing process), the camera is digitally calibrated to focus properly with the original lens (and there is no calibrating software like the SPT software for Canon DSLR), so in theory it is possible that the camera wont focus properly with the new lens, in that case you can try to adjust the CCD height position, it is good that the CCD sits on springs so you can easily do that but most of the time you it is not needed as the G series is the top line of the compacts and they are manufactured bit more precisely than other compact camera lenses (and those wont even sit on spring so adjusting the CCD position is very very limited).

    If you have time for those repairs it is worth to accept the repairs regularly as after 2-3 lens fix you will be experienced enough to handle them with acceptable level of frustration 🙂

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