EOSinfo (astrojargon) versus SPT software – shutter count by 40d

People are thinking, that the most important question by purchasing a used camera is the shutter count.

I don’t agree this, because You can never be sure, if the camera was water damaged or not, or was dropped from three meters or not – and don’t forget, a well equipped service can even reset the shutter count.

But people want to get something believable – so they use for example the EOSinfo software from the astrojargon.net.

I repaired today a relative old 40d, and i made a reading with the EOSinfo, and one with the SPT software. Here are the results:

shutter count spt software shutter count eosinfo

I think, there is nothing more to explain. the EOSinfo gives You only the shutter count – so if the body was services at an official servicepoint, you will see only the actuations of the new shutter.

By the way, in this 40d I had to disassemble the phase sensor from the shutter cocking unit, as it was shorted by tiny piece of metal. After 212000 actuations it was full with a black powder, resulting from the weard of the mechanism.

About canonrepair

Ruzsa János. Amatőr fotós, Canon DSLR váz. Amateur photographer. Canon DSLR user.
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4 Responses to EOSinfo (astrojargon) versus SPT software – shutter count by 40d

  1. edo says:

    can spt software reset my shutter count ?

  2. hangochoahp says:

    hello, i want dowload SPT service software for canon 40D but i don’t have links. You can share links for me? Thank you very much!!!
    E-mail: hangochoa.hp@gmail.com

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