Very thin soldering iron from on old Weller magnastat

One of the most difficult problems was for me till yesterday to find a thin soldering iron for repairing the flex cables. You can find them of course for 300 eur – but I dont have so much money for this. I have only an old Magnastat type weller (24V 50W), somewhere forgotten in the basement.

After long search I’ve found the right tip: the LT-1S from Weller, see below.

 LT-1S Pákahegy Weller

For people from Hungary:

But I don’t have a new Weller station, which is really expensive.. And than the guy in the shop told me, that there is an adapter, about 15 eur, the PT-LT adapter, which is in fact a small piece of copper cylinder, with a magnastat “sensor”, and a modified fixing tube. The magnastat has always a temperature code, I choosed the 8, so the PT8-LT is my adapter, and the LT-1S is the tip – which in 0,2 mm thick!   

PT8 LT (WE8720788)

(You need this, because the different size of the LT tip)

Unfortunately the small relay in the inside (the magnastat switch) was damaged, but it is repairable…

The new-old soldering iron is PERFECT.

Does somebody know, how is the best way to protect the internal switch from burning out? I heared something with a triac. Any idea?


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