To be the second – not a big deal (400d)

Csodás forrasztások és áthidalt kondenzátor egy használtan vásárolt 400d belsejében. Ahogy gyermekkoromban mondották: “csak a nyaka véres”.

I’ve got a 400d in my hands which has only a tiny problem – it gives no sign of life after turning on.

In such cases the first thing is to disassemble the whole body, because they can be loosen scrwews or anything else around. After taking off  the back cover, I’ve seen some awful solderings. It was like somebody working on the roof.




The copper is exfoliated on the corner.


Here is a connector, which brings the battery voltage to the main board, which is in this case the DC-DC board too (beautyful solution).
This cable should be always handled with care, because You can make with it a shortcircuit to the body. 


It was conducted exactly how it is forbidden, so a shortcircuit was in the air.


On the front PCB there is a fuse – of course it was bridged with a pice of copper wire. Ok, I know, an smd fuse is not so cheap (approx 0,15 EUR), and it is a little bit bigger too (a 1206 size fuse You can solder in only with some wires). But it was OK (I mean, the wire was conducting…). On the picture, below the 7R5 smd resistor..


I tried to rotate the motor a little bit out of the normal parking position – in tis case, after inserting the battery, even by swithched off camera the motor should rotate to the parking position – this is a function of the front (motor) PCB. Nothing happened.

After this, I opened the DC-DC cover on the main PCB. (Sorry, no photo).

And there was the bonus. In the DC-DC module there is one fuse, marked with “K”. It was OK, not interrupted. And then I observed one of the capacitors briged with a piece of wire. In short circuit, of course. The good old repairman was confusing a capacitor (unmarked) with a fuse, and made a short on it.

This was the moment when I abandoned this 400d. It would be only wasted time, the main PCB and the motor PCB are 99% burned out.

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Ruzsa János. Amatőr fotós, Canon DSLR váz. Amateur photographer. Canon DSLR user.
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